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igv_leviathan's Journal

Captain Novae Djibouti, CO, IGV Leviathan
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After a celebrated and storied career in the Imperial Garillian Starfleet I was given command of the newest and greatest flagship the Empire has ever constructed: The IGV Leviathan. Twenty times larger than the next largest battlecruiser, Leviathan sported weaponry that could destroy a planet. Leviathan was made the flagship of the prestigious Imperial Home Fleet.

Unfortunately, the Home Fleet was put under the command of the Emperor's younger, arrogant and somewhat incompetent brother, Solis Benghazi.

During the Final Battle of Axinar IX Leviathan was forced to face down the flagship of our sworn enemy [the Epixtepalls], a vessel almost as powerful as Leviathan. The combined firepower of both vessels caused a tear in fabric of space/time, which sucked in Leviathan, bringing it into this Universe. The vessel crash-landed on the planet Earth where my crew and I were in for a rude shock.

In your measurements, Leviathan is roughy a half-meter in length.

After several "diplomatic incidents" [mostly caused by a combination of Admiral Benghazi's arrogance and ignorance] we have managed to form a small niche within the super-powered law enforcement community on this planet. Leviathan is currently attached to the Strike Force [superhero team] assigned to protect Patriot City, known as "Freedom Force."