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Captain's Personal Log: Year 65535, Day 196 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV

Completed our training manuvers. Ship and crew had very high marks. Flag officer was busy with Fabrication trying to develop something called a "Kareoke" device. I had the ship's computer run a linguistic check on the term. I find myself dreading our next shipwide talent show.

There have been a few people who have perused this journal who have noticed a striking resemblance between Leviathan and the rocket ship used in Flash Gordon, and have told us such. Obviously, or PR team has not been working all too well of late. So allow me to explain the cause of this similarity.

Leviathan is the rocketship in Flash Gordon.

Allow me to explain. In year 65511 we were approached by De Laurentiis Entertainment Group for a movie they were planning. In this movie Leviathan would have a starring role. [With crew members played by such notables as Max Von Sydow and Topol, in the "Bridge Scenes."] Director Mike Hodges told us of the pivotal role our vessel would play, and that it would be Leviathan that scored the final kill to free the people of "Mongo." Considering the need for good PR at that point in time [not to mention the stoking of Admiral Benghazi's ego] we agreed.

Due to the fact that Leviathan would be portrayed as "human scale" most of our work was done alone in-studio, with special sets created for the bridge scenes. Some of the stage work done on the ship's hull was extremely well done. [We only lost 127 crew members from the aftershocks caused by the application of the alterations.] With the considerable work we did, as well as the dramatic scene where we crash into Mongo City and pierce the heart of the dreaded tyrant PR figured "the Adventures of Rocket Ship Ajax" would be a smash success. There was even a plan in the works to have Leviathan take an extended tour of duty in the Hollywood defense zone to make the ship available for continuing roles.

Needless to say, the end result was not quite as expected. Mr. Hodges told us that the studio insisted on some "creative changes." To say our role was redirected would be an understatement. In the end, we weren't even listed in the credits.

On a positive note, we were able to acquire a respectable amount of financial resource from paraphenalia sales. And the existence of toy "Flash Gordon Rocketships" at the Patriot City Toys R' Us made it possible to clandestinely monitor the villianous Toymaster for close to 6 months. [Until, during one of our shipwide downtimes, Leviathan was "purchased" for a six year old boy named Spencer. But that is a story in its own right.]

We should be continuing our training schedule. In the meantime I must respond to the Fabrication Dept.'s request for specs on something called a "wa-wa pedal."
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