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Captain's Personal Log: Year 65535, Day 186 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV

Yesterday's duties were, thankfully, without major incident. Leviathan was requested to be part of the festivities surrounding the recent significant holiday regarding the formation of the nation-state that we are located. Leviathan provided a refined, detailed pyrotechnics display while some of the locals provided some flashiness with volatile mixtures of unstable elements. For years we have seen this ritual, and yet it still amazes us that, if they are going to bother with using incendiaries to celebrate battles won, why not just go ahead and use the real thing? At least, if someone gets killed, they are not shamed by dying from a child's toy.

The holiday does remind me of a particularly humorous [in retrospect] incident regarding the United States' Independance Day. For the first 7 years of Leviathan's residence here we would observe the passing and celebration of this holiday. But we did not study it too intently. Nor did we get too involved in it. [We had always figured that getting home would be as easy as finishing our repairs, and did not want to "go native" as it were, becoming too entrenched in local customs and events.] However, the celebration in Year 65508 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV was of particular significance, the age of the US being divisible by 100 and all. It was the first year we were invited to be a part of the festivities. [Actually, our entire team was invited.] In any case, Admiral Benghazi decided to take it upon himself to find out what the significance of the holiday was. Imagine his shock when he found out the truth:

The US was celebrating its brazen revolt from the Lawful Goverment of the British Empire. [His words.]

The good admiral came to the realization that the very people he and his "fleet" consorted with were "nothing more than hoodlums, criminals and rabble-rousers, who showed no respect to their High Protector, Emporer George III." [I would've corrected him. But he was on a roll.] As far as he was concerned. it was our duty to right this wrong.

So the Admiral decided to make contact with the current British government to offer our assistance and make plans to conquer these "rogue colonies" and return them to the crown. [Oddly enough, at least one British politician seemed genuinely interested, for a bit.] Of course, once the Brits informed the US government of his "proposal" things got a bit dicey and overblown. [Some of you out there may remember around what would be August 1976 on your calender, when Leviathan was, temporarily, put on the US' "Top Ten Most Wanted" list. Let's just say that most of the damage to MacDill AFB was not from the "accident" they would later claim.] Once the entire course of events was explained to the Admiral, by both US and British authorities and historians, things settled down.

But there would be some lingering effects. It wasn't until the Clinton Administration that Leviathan was taken off of the US' "Suspicious Alien Residents" watch-list. Even then, we still received a "visit" from the FBI in October, 2001, to check up on our most recent activities.

Leviathan will be going through some combat drills and general maintenance for the next few days. Barring interference from the Fleet Commander, it should be a uneventful time.
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