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Captain's Personal Log: Year 65535, Day 185 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV

I have missed the opportunity to have a "True" personal log.

You see, as is the responsibility of all CO's in the Imperial Fleet, I was responsible to mantain a personal log of my thoughts and feelings regarding the events around me. The idea is that, should something ever happen to my command, someone can come later and review this log to get an idea of what was going on in my mind during this time. To see if my mindset may have had some cause or impact to the troubles faced.

However, until something like this occurs, said log is supposed to be considered personal and private. I say "supposed" becuase, apparantly, our esteemed fleet admiral does not seem to share this view.

As you will note, assuming I maintain this log without Benghazi finding out about it, I tend to criticize the fleet admiral with some zeal. This is because, were I to do this openly, the good Admiral would roast my carcass over a hyperdrive coil. Were this to happen during a crisis situation, and the vats were not able to produce a clone for me fast enough, Leviathan could suffer irreperable harm. So, I do my griping via my log. And, over the course of these past 35 years I have done a considerable amount of griping.

So, when, in the 65528th year of Gorgantin IV, the Admiral got the notion of "probing random logs for potential acts of sedition against the Empire" and, by pure coincidence, selected mine first, needless to say the reaction was far worse than I anticipated. He not only killed me [in the manner previously described] he ordered my clones to no longer be reproduced for a period of three years. [Fortunately, I have an excellent XO, who managed to fill in for me admirably during that time, and kept Benghazi from getting Leviathan sucked down into a black hole, or down the throat of Bessie at the Patriot City Zoo.]

However, I still feel a duty to enter a personal log. I just need to do it where the Admiral won't know about. Fortunately for me, one of Freedom Force's newer members, Rockhard, mentioned this online site, which sounded like an acceptable way to generate a log. So I arranged with our Communications Officer to set up the Datalink to only allow my access to this site through Leviathan's systems. anyone else logging in will get a "404 error." [Whatever that means. Commander Alexandria has really "gone native" with his tech-talk.]

I also realize that this log may enter public view. In some ways that could be bad. [Especially if word gets back to the Admiral through others.] However, I think the ability for those whom we serve and protect to know the command and crew of the Leviathan better will help us do our jobs better. So be it.

For the Glory of the Empire! For the Glory of Patriot City!
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