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Captain's Personal Log: Year 65536, Day 79 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV

Once in a while we called upon by various space agencies on Earth to handle certain "delicate" matters. [Such as the ISS delivery I discussed on 65535.218.] On rare occasions, though, we are called to deal with certain levels of "crowd control." Occasionally, there are those who take issue with the policies and actions of NASA and RKA [it's Russian Counterpart] and will stage various forms of protest. Sometimes it's best for a strong, popular alien [or alien warship] to come in and help resolve an impasse. Such was the case for the past few days when Admiral Benghazi was, surprisingly, able to broker a truce between NASA and a group of rabble protesting the current missions to Mars. [I'm even more impressed that he managed to do this without vaporizing anyone. Perhaps the good Admiral is beginning to mellow out some.]

In any case, our communications officer was able to take a good snapshot during the events, which I thought I'd share with my LJ audience. It's uncommon that I get to give a "bird's-eye" view of Leviathan's duties and travels. This seemed like a good opportunity.

Hopefully things will be a little quiter next week.
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