Captain Novae Djibouti, CO, IGV Leviathan (igv_leviathan) wrote,
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Captain's Personal Log: Year 65536, Day 26 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV

I have never followed along with one of these "meme" things. I believe, after this, I may no longer.

Gay or Not Gay? by tashay17
LJ Name
Favorite Color
Gay or Not Gay?Not only gay, but a pervert too.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

In other news, Leviathan has been invited to Houston for the annual Superior Bowl. [Or something like that.] Apparantly, it is a spectacular event that involves dressing in the hides of swine and attempting to "score" upon one another. [Perhaps these people should take this meme.] The Admiral mentioned that we were going to this Champonship to some of the local "football" fans during our tour in Philadelphia. Upon asking if they were planning to attend they became rather agitated. We should be able to complete repairs before our departure.
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