Captain Novae Djibouti, CO, IGV Leviathan (igv_leviathan) wrote,
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Captain's Personal Log: Year 65535, Day 258 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV

Not much happening in our sector. I decided to make use of the downtime to perform some necessary repairs and maintenance of the outer hull and shield systems. For the past week Leviathan has been holed up in one of the sterilized, vacuum-sealed chambers at Freedom Force HQ.

Why there, you ask? Whenever Leviathan performs any maintenance we have to maintain a completely sterile environment to prevent unwanted "intruders" from entering the vessel. While the microbes and viruses in the air may not seriously affect humans, one "cold bug" has the capacity to kill a large section of our crew.

The last time Leviathan had an extended breach happened to occur while two members of Freedom Force had a mild cold. Two virus managed to get into C deck, consuming 284 crew members before we were able to destroy them by flooding 50 decks with chicken broth. [Provided by Alche-Miss. We managed to take a sample of the broth for replication purposes. It has been a big hit with the crew. Except for the 27 crew members that were still in the flooded decks at that time.]
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