Captain Novae Djibouti, CO, IGV Leviathan (igv_leviathan) wrote,
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Captain's Personal Log: Year 65536, Day 309 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV

I must admit that the US electoral process is always a fascinating thing. Particularly the one for 65532, with all the hub-bub down in the Florida sector. It's interesting to see a process second only to naming an Imperial Successor for mudslinging and general visciousness. Admiral Benghazi proposed incorporating our Ka-Li-Fah ritual in the process. However, several politicians balked at the idea of using live animals in such a way as to determine the "Leader of the Free World." Took a while to get off of the ASPCA's hate-mail list again, afterwards.

Odd thing: Late afternoon, after Candidate Kerry conceded, half of my crew received communique's from some group called US Selective Service. Should I be concerned about this?
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