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Captain's Personal Log: Year 65535, Day 218 of the Reign of Gorgantin IV

Leviathan has just returned from a side mission. At the behest of NASA we were requested to take some emergency supplies and other paraphenalia up to the International Space Station. The items were stored in a pressurized container, which we grabbed via tractor beams and brought up to the ISS.

Our initial scan of the cargo showed that it included several data discs involving the Lords of Traci. Never having heard of a nation named Traci, the Admiral had us scan the data from what humans call "DVDs" and pipe it to his quarters for extended study. Oddly enough, he has not left his quarters since. Admiral Benghazi did, however, have his concubine brought to his quarters. How she will help with his research is beyond my understanding.

It is extremely uncommon to have females aboard a warship, particularly one that exclusively belongs to one person, even an admiral. For those humans who may be offended by such a comment, you must understand an important item: Garillian females are non-sentient. They have the intelligence level somewhere, in Earth lifeform terms, between an intelligent dog and a primate. They have the ability to form vocal communication at a rudimentary level, enough to express needs and emotions. [Similar to how some primates can learn sign language. Think of it as a primate that has the vocal tools to speak.] As such, while they hold an important place in the propogation of the species, they are no more capable of higher functions than a housepet. That, and the fact that the hormonal, biological reaction to a female for Garillians can be as distracting as it is for humans, you can see why they are not exactly "standard issue." However, the whims of Flag Officers related to the Emperor are hard to avoid.

This is directly related to the initial problems in our First Contact with humanity. After our initial assessment of our situation [which involved losing a third of our crew in the crash landing, and another third in mass-suicides from the shock of just how big the natives are] we managed to arrange a parlay with a representative of the local super-powered community. [Which is the team we are currently attached to.] They sent out Alchemiss: a very competent heroine with good diplomatic skills. Things went along relatively smoothly until we discovered Alchemiss was female.

Now, please understand that we had no idea that human females were as intelligent as their males. [More so, in some cases.] Also, I should inject that, in Garillian society, it is a method of insult to send a female as your representative. It shows that you think so little of your adversary that you would send your "talking pet" to deal with them. You could imagine our reaction. Particularly the Admiral's reaction, which was to attempt to fry the poor girl where she stood.

The rest of the conflict can be read from Freedom Force's historical files. Once our Science officer and I were recloned we were able to determine the "nature" of humans in this regard and settle things down a bit. [It also helped that a shot from Man-Bot managed to kill the Admiral, keeping him out of action long enough for us to withdraw from combat.] Fortunately, Leviathan has been able to overcome this initial diplomatic fiasco and create a strong relationship with the Human race.

Speaking of strong relationships, Leviathan will be off-duty this weekend, attending the celebration of the30th wedding anniversary of Alchemiss and El Diablo, another former Freedom Force member. It'll be good to see our old friends again.
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